Blurs Effect

Blurs Effect provides different types of blurs (Box, Gaussian, Median, Max, Min, Mode, Weighted Average) to be applied in various colorspace channels (RGB, HSL, YUV, YIQ). Use the included presets to get started.

You can download the Win or Mac trial version as well as a sample project to test it out. The watermark will be removed once you enter the activation code. The trial is full-featured except for the watermark.

This effect works with 8-bpc, 16-bpc, and 32-bpc color. The optimal usage will require 32-bpc and full resolution. In 32-bpc color, After Effects does not clip the video and allows the user to view any out-of-range data.

Blurs UI

Blurs Controls :

Presets – None, Creative Red, Creative Red Horizontal, Fix Strong Chroma Noise, Fix Weak Chroma Noise, Fix Strong Chroma Moire, Fix Weak Chroma Moire or Fix Luma Moire. TIP :- Use a preset to get a starting point, and then modify as needed.

Channel – RGB, HSL, YUV or YIQ colorspace channels. The channels are mapped to RGB so you can view them if needed.

R,G,B -> Horizontal Blur or R,G,B -> Vertical Blur – Blur amount in Horizontal or Vertical Direction in R, G or B channel respectively.

Layer Blend Ratio – Define the amount of effect you wish to use. At 100% the entire effect is active, and none at 0%.

Left part of image modified using Creative Red Blur preset
Outer part of image modified using Creative Horizontal Red Blur preset
Outer part of image uses Fix Luma Moire preset
Outer part of image uses Fix Strong Chroma Noise preset


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