Grid Transitions Effect

Grid Transitions Effect allows the user to create uniquely shaped transitions.

You can download the Win or Mac trial version as well as a sample project to test it out. The watermark will be removed once you enter the activation code. The trial is full-featured except for the watermark.

This effect works with 8-bpc, 16-bpc, and 32-bpc color. The optimal usage will require 32-bpc and full resolution. In 32-bpc color, After Effects does not clip the video and allows the user to view any out-of-range data.

Grid Transitions Effect

Place the effect over the start layer. Resize the layer to the point where you want the lower layer to be visible. Use Frames to indicate number of frames before this point – where the transition effect starts. Select one of the presets in the dropdown.

Use Gradual Blend to select how you want the End layer to appear.

Grid Transitions Controls :

Presets – Line, Triangle, Rectangle, Square, Polygon, Circle, Ellipse, Arc, Cubic B-Spline, Quadratic B-Spline, Squircle, Creative, Star, Skewed Star, Sine Wave, Donut, Arrow, Cropmarks, Hatch, Cross. TIP:- The presets do not look their original shape as I had to modify the stroke width and other controls. However, each preset offer a unique shape.

Frames – Number of frames before the end of Start Layer, where you want the transition to begin.

Cells – The transition is built on repeating patterns. This field indicates number of such repeating patterns.

Gradual Blend – Selecting this will blend in the End layer from 0-100% across the number of transition frames.


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