Importer Effect

Importer Effect provides the ability to import certain unsupported file formats. Unsupported formats include SVG, PPM, PGM, PBM, XBM, XPM and HTML. JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP support is included in order to support quick operations on these files.

Importer is offered for free, without any need for registration.

You can download the Win or Mac version.

This effect works with 8-bpc, 16-bpc, and 32-bpc color. The optimal usage will require 32-bpc and full resolution. In 32-bpc color, After Effects does not clip the video and allows the user to view any out-of-range data.

Importer Supported files
SVG image with transparency

Importer Controls :

Type – Select type of file.

File – Select location of file.

Location – Pixel co-ordinates where the file is going to be placed.

Crop Width, Crop Height – Using Left Top as origin crop the bottom and the right of the image.

Desaturate – Desaturate the contents of the read file.

Opacity – Opacity of read file.

Tint – Color tint for file.

Tint Opacity – Opacity of the the color tint.

SVG support does not include embedded text. HTML support is rudimentary, remember that this is not a full featured browser. Try HTML Alt first and then HTML option. HTML option has more limited support than HTML Alt.

Supported HTML tags include –

<p> (can be open, automatically closed by next block-level tag) 
align = left/right/center/justify 
<ul> type = dics/square/circle 
style = "padding-left:pixels" 
<ol> type = 1/A/a start = "number" or an ASCII character 
style = "padding-left:pixels"  
<li> value = "number" or an ASCII character (valid only for <li> within <ol> tags) <dl> <dt> (can be open, automatically closed by next <dt>, <dd> or </dl>) <dd> (can be open, automatically closed by next <dt>, <dd> or </dl>) 
style = "margin-left:pixels" 
<body>  bgcolor = color link = color text = color 
<pre> <span> At the moment it does not do anything but might be useful for grouping <div> Similar as above but causes new lines <meta> (unclosed and ignored) <head>  <title> <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6> align = left/right/center/justify <br> (always self-closing, equivalent to <br/>) style = "clear:left/right/both; page-break-after:always" (use "clear:both" and "page-break-after:always" if you want clean page break when printing) <hr> (always self-closing, equivalent to <hr/>) size = pixels width = pixels align = left/center/right noshade <u> <b> <i> <em> <kbd> <tt> <var> <font> face = helvetica/courier/times/symbol/arial/sans/serif size = absolute or relative (+/-1...7) color = color <sub> Subscript(O2) <sup> Superscript(E = m c2) <center> <a> (can be open) href = [url][#anchor] name = anchor style = "text-decoration:none" <img> (self-closing) src = url or  ImaGEdAta... align = left/right/top/middle/bottom alt = name width = pixels or percents% height = pixels hspace = pixels vspace = pixels border = pixels <table> style = "margin:pixels; display:inline/inline-table; vertical-align:top/middle/bottom/baseline" align = left/right/center width = pixels or percents% height = pixels or percents% border [= pixels] cellpadding = pixels cellspacing = pixels bgcolor = color bordercolor = color rules = all/columns/rows <tr> (can be open) <td>, <th> (th has content bold and center-aligned by default, both can be open) bgcolor = color width = pixels or percents% height = pixels or percents% align = left/center/right/justify valign = top/middle/bottom/baseline colspan = number rowspan = number nowrap


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