Guide to Plugin Activation

This method is deprecated. See updated guide to license activation.

When you first use the software you will find a Trial watermark. The watermark can be a geometric pattern or a text – Trial Version.

The plugin controls will show Trial License at the bottom. Click on Details.

In the popup window, select Obtain Serial.

You will be asked to choose between Basic and Advanced activation.

Typically, if you want to use a floating license, you can click on advanced activation. Lets deal with basic activation first. Click on Basic. The activation program will link to the first valid MAC address. A serial will be generated. Please write this down somewhere. The window will now close.

Now you can browse to and follow the payment and activation procedure. Once you have the activation code, you can, once again, click on Details near Trial License.

In the popup window, select Activate Software.

In the popup window, enter the activation code you received after payment.

When you select OK you will be shown the license. The license is also available on the website. Read through the license and shut the window when you are satisfied. Now you will receive the confirmation.

Now restart After Effects. You will find that the plugin controls display that the license is activated.

And you will find that the watermark is no longer rendered.


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