Scopes Effect

Scopes Effect provides Red, Green, Blue and RGB Histograms, Red, Green, Blue, RGB and YUV Waveforms as well as YUV and YPbPr Vectorscopes.

The waveforms, histograms and vectorscopes are provided in a minimalist design as overlays for monitoring and editing.

You can download the Win or Mac trial version as well as a sample project to test it out. The watermark will be removed once you enter the activation code. The trial is full-featured except for the watermark.

This effect works with 8-bpc, 16-bpc, and 32-bpc color. The optimal usage will require 32-bpc and full resolution. In 32-bpc color, After Effects does not clip the video and allows the user to view any out-of-range data.

Prosya Scopes - screen
Scopes Effect used in AE.

The dropdown choices available include

  • Red, Green, Blue and RGB Histograms
  • Red, Green, Blue, RGB and YUV Waveforms
  • YUV and YPbPr Vectorscopes

The image is divided into 4 regions – Top Left, Bottom Left, Top Right and Bottom Right. In each region, you can place any of these scopes.

Guides – This checkbox can turn on or off the minimalist guides.

Size – This sets the size of the scope as a percentage of the output image.

Opacity – At 0%, it disables all the guides and places only the scopes over the output image. At 100% you see the guides and scopes on a black background. The other values give you different degrees of opacity.

Brightness – Histograms and waveforms use pixel intensity to indicate the number of times that color value is used as compared to the max value. Brightness sets the pedestal of that color value. This is useful in cases where you wish to see the lesser used values clearly.


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