Stroke Fill Transform

Stroke, Fill and Transform controls are a common UI group for 2D effects.

Stroke controls relate to the brush that all lines or curves are drawn with.

Stroke Controls

Stroke width – Thickness of brush or line

Cap Style – Butt, Round and Square styles for the end caps.

Join Style – Miter, Round and Bevel styles for the joins between two strokes.

Stroke Style – Various methods to display the stroke.

  • None – Does not display the border of the object. Only the Fill will display.
  • Solid – Display a solid line where the brush strokes.
  • dot, dotdashed, longdashed, dashed, shortdashed, dotdotdashed, dotdotdotdashed, dashed1, dashed2, irregular – Various styles of broken lines to display where the brush strokes.

Stroke Color – Color for the stroke brush.

Fill Controls

Fill controls relate to the area inside the stroked region.

Fill Color – Color to fill the region.

Fill Pattern – None, Solid, Linear or Radial. With None – there is no fill. With Solid, all the fill region is set to the Fill Color. Linear or Radial use the Fill Gradient controls.

From Point, To Point – Start and end of gradient.

From Color, To Color – Start and end color of gradient.

From Gradient, To Gradient – 0 is beginning of color gradient and 1 is the end. You may adjust the start or end color using this property.

From Radius, To Radius – Use for radial fill pattern.

Extend – None, Reflect, Repeat, Pad. None will leave a blank space. Reflect, Repeat and Pad use different methods to fill the color.

Scaling – Fast, Good, Best, Nearest, Bilinear, Gaussian. To scale the filled region.

Transforms Controls

Translation controls relate to the movement of the object.

Translation – Move an object to a different position.

X-Scale, Y-Scale – Change the size of an object along X or Y-axis.

Rotation – Rotate the object at particular angle.

Rotation Center – Point around which rotation takes place.

Shear-X, Shear-Y – Transform that slants the shape of an object along X or Y-axis.


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