Wiggler Effect

Wiggler for Premiere Pro and After Effects allows animation of Opacity, Translation, Rotation, Scale and Shear using a wiggle-like function. Download the effect.

This plug-in is meant for users who wish to animate their videos using a wiggle-like function as an effect. Animation is achieved by modifying Translation, Scale, Rotation, Opacity and Shear operators.

Value Proposition

Drop your video into a comp. Add the Wiggler Effect. Select the animation values and assign to the relevant parameters. Wiggler Effect makes it very easy to animate a video or an image.

Qualifying Questions

To determine if Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects users can benefit from using this plug-in, you can ask the following questions:

  • Do you require the wiggle function inside Premiere Pro?
  • Do you require the wiggle function as an effect inside Premiere Pro or After Effects?
  • Do you create cool new wave videos with animation images and videos?
  • Do you need an easy method to animate your media assets?
  • Do you want another tool to create motion graphics with custom animation?
  • Are you interested in an alternative method to animate text?


After Effects CS6 and Creative Cloud. Tested with CC 2017, CC 2018, CC 2019, 2020, 2021. macOS 10.12 and above or Windows 7 and above.

Important Notes

This effect works with 8-bpc, 16-bpc, and 32-bpc color. The optimal usage will require 32-bpc and full resolution. In 32-bpc color, After Effects does not clip the video and allows the user to view any out-of-range data. In 8-bit mode, the effect cannot operate and you will not see any changes in output.


Wiggler Effect Controls :-

Layer – Select the dancing layer from the comp. This layer will be composited over the current layer.

Blend Modes – Select the blend modes from the popup.

Opacity – Select the opacity of the dancing layer.

Translation – Select the translation of the dancing layer.

X Scale – Select the scale of the dancing layer along x-axis.

Y Scale – Select the scale of the dancing layer along y-axis.

Rotation – Select the rotation angle of the dancing layer.

Rotation Center – Set the center point for the rotation operation.

Shear X – Select the shear angle on X-axis of the dancing layer.

Shear Y – Select the shear angle limit on Y-axis of the dancing layer.

Wiggler + Param – Select from x, y, x and y, opacity, x-scale, y-scale, x and y-scale, rotation, shear x, shear y.

Wiggler + Seed – Select the seed for the wiggle function.

Wiggler + freq, amp, octaves, amp_multi, time – These params map to wiggle(freq, amp, octaves=1, amp_multi=0.5, t=time)


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