Death – Fiction Feature Final Trailer


This surreal arthouse drama depicts the last memories of Sabrina (played by Marigold Pazar). Her friends (Wendy – played by Lauren Johnson and Mazza – played by Oliver James Damian) and lover (Romeo – played by David Hecimovic) are a part of her life.

Things soon get a little… unnerving. It might take more than one watch to fully grasp all the twists and turns of this psychological horror, which blends dreams, reality, fantasy and deception into a lynchian mesh.

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Length 01:31:00

Completion June 2023

Written, Directed and Edited by Anmol Mishra
Marigold Pazar as Sabrina
David Hecimovic as Romeo
Lauren Johnson as Wendy
Oliver James Damian as Mazza
Music Composed by Oleg Somov

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